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Ted Sakshaug has kindly volunteered to scan all our Senior pictures for me... just wait till I get them online! (maybe in the NEXT 3 or 4 months)
- Dan


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The Mount Greylock Regional High School Alumni of '79, welcome you to our website. You will notice that some of the site is open to the "public", but a lot of it is restricted to classmates and friends to prevent those nasty SPAMMERS from bugging us too much. ;)

General Announcements:

  • Yes, we HAD a 30th Reunion! October 2nd & 3rd, 2009 -
    The magic weekend was magic indeed... I am still recovering from sleep deprivation and drinking, no TALKING too much! There are some great pix showing up on FAceBook, and I will work on a way for us to upload to THIS site. For now, check out the albums by:
  • Ray Williams
  • Jean St.Jaques
  • Dan Baker
  • Stephie (Maruk) Dastoli
  • Wendy (Lacosse) Perkins
  • Holly (Saunders) Garand

    This website went through some major trauma and the database was trashed... so I am working on a way to import the old information I had, but it would be best if YOU re-Register with current information.

  • Missing Classmates - I've gotten a bunch of "return to senders"

    PLEASE I also have (more) of our classmates for whom I do not have current emails. At this point, email is way quicker and easier as the preferred contact method. SO.... if you have current emails for any of the following that have been returned please let me know!:
    last updated 10/9/09

      W. Steven Alden
      Gregory Bascom
      Sharon Bellingham
      Paula Bohl - Godfrey
      John Boschetti
      Lisa Braman
      Pamela Burress - Mitchell
      Patricia Chandler  - Finn
      Jacqueline Chapman -  Quinn
      Michael Clark
      Ed Czarnecki
      Rosemary Danaher
      Ronald Demyer
      Anthony DeRose
      Mitch Degere
      John Deinzer
      Diane Depew - Hood
      Thomas Dillon
      Suliemah Dphrepaulezz
      Dianna Dutcher - Hinkley
      Brian Frank
      Edith Frazier
      Cheryl Furtek
      John Gangemi
      Mark Gardner
      Milton Gardner
      Karen Getchell - Faulkingham
      Christine Girard
      Carmen Gonzalez - Bonilla
      Betty Good
      Colleen Gray - Aberdale
      Nora Hanlon
      Alan Haley
      Betty Harrington - Gardner
      Beth Horton - Conerly
      Abigail Hynes - O'Conner
      Carolyn Jones - Markland
      Richard Jones
      Sandra Jones - Patrick
      Robert Kelly
      John Kemp
      Kelly King
      Larry Lamarre
      Peter Lindley
      Jay Livesey
      Gary Love
      James MacArthur
      Martha MacGillivray - Heiman
      Kevin Manning
      Chris Maschino
      Penny Mayer - Schneider
      Brian McCarthy
      Joseph McLain
      Cynthia McKeon
      David Mochon
      Brian Mongeon
      Craig Mongeon
      Ronald Montini
      Chris Moore
      Mary Morrison
      James Mumford
      Terese Neil - Balsamo
      Tracy Newton - Brooks
      Glenn Newton
      Jerome Norton
      Bonnie Overbaugh - Sondrini
      David Pelkey
      Tami Rand - Breen - Does not have one
      Colleen Regan
      Timothy Rickert
      Matthew Ryba
      Stanley Ryba
      Lynn Samuelson
      Judith Scalise - Bishop
      Christine Shaw
      Patrick Shaw
      Scott Sherman
      Brad Smith
      Caroline Smith - Stevens
      Fred Smith
      Elizabeth Spencer - Moeller
      Rita St Hilaire - Jowett
      Geoffrey Tatro
      Paul Taylor
      David Towne
      Steve Walak
      Sandra Ware
      Mark Wituszynski
      Dana Wright

    PLEASE review this list, and let me know if you have current addresses for any of these people. Better yet, take the opportunity to contact them yourself with a letter or email, and invite them to come register at this website and/or contact me so I can send information and see if they can make it to the reunion.
    Here are the last known cities for letters that have been returned last time I sent snail mails:
    last updated 9/22/2004

      Steven Alden , Miami FL
      Sharon Bellingham
      Lisa Brayman , Pownal VT
      Pam Burress , Virginia Beach NC
      Tom Dillon
      Donna Doyle , Pittsfield MA
      Brian Frank , Pittsfield MA
      Edith Frazier
      Scott Harris , Cranston RI
      Abby Hines , Belle Vernon PA
      Kelly King , North Adams MA
      James MacArthur , Winthrop WA
      Penny Mayer-Schneider , Kronberg GERMANY
      Cindy McKeon
      Jim Mumford , Newton MA
      Coleman O'Conner
      Matt Ryba , Hunnington Beach CA
      Lynn Samuelson , Higganum CT
      Chris Shaw
      Pat Shaw , Pittsfield MA
      Judi Scalise-Bishop , Dalton MA
      Paul Taylor , Austin TX
      Dave Towne , Hickory NC
      Dana Wright , Saco ME
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