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About the website...

This is the "re-design" I've been thinking about for a while... Not complete yet of course, but I wanted to pull together some of the web tools I've developed to build a really fun interactive site for us to get in touch. The basic goal is to enable communication between friends, while making every effort to preserve our privacy from the general public and the nasty SPAMMERS in particular!

If you have any ideas, suggestions, or questions please email me!

You ask... "How do I work this stuff?":

  • What is this whole "login" thing? Well, I decided to include some tools I build for Member Management so that we can control who can get into the site and what we show to whom. This site has a basically "closed" registration process where its by invitation-only. ;) I set up your initial profile (address, email, etc) and then you can keep it current after that. Since I can control access to certain areas of the site by checking to make sure you are "logged-in", then we dont have to worry about exposing our home addresses, emails, and embarassing pictures to the public.

  • What if I forget my password? Don't worry.... Just go to the "login" screen; you can plug in your email, and send yourself a reminder. If I never KNEW your address, email me, and we'll sort things out...

  • Tell me about what gets displayed in the Directory... The Directory will list classmates, city/state, and have a link that will allow you to email them. What is MORE important is that your actual email is "hidden" from the world, and general public does not have access to the Directory.

  • What is the Interactive Chatboard? It is like a "Chatroom" where you can set up a meeting with one or more members, and have a Chat. Its a way to have an e-conference with several people all at the same time. Just set up a meeting time, and Chat away!

  • 7/12/2004 - New Site online! finally got it started.... Come visit, and bookmark

Possible Future Functionality:

  • Photo Gallery - I have some tools from other projects that will let me build a gallery of photos from reunions, or whatever...

  • News Forum - will be like a "threaded newsgroup" where you can start a new topic for discussion, or reply to someone else's, and the postings will be saved online for later reference and continued discussion.

  • Living Yearbook - I'm planning something where everybody can enter a little information about what they are doing, and maybe even upload current photos.


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